Anonymous asked: I'm a little nervous about #teamnocheats challenge starting tomorrow. I'm sure I'm not the only one. What advice would you give to me and others about the onset of anxiety to be consistent and not get too wound up about failure?


There is no punishment for slipping up or cheating! This is supposed to be a fun challenge, not something to stress about. Which is why you should make your own, reasonable goals that you can follow and do your best with :) this is about progress, not perfection!

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So I realized Iโ€™m literally only following like 100 blogs & some are even not active.

Since Iโ€™m getting back to my journey & blogging, Iโ€™d really like some new people to follow.

So if you have lost 100lbs or have 100lbs to lose, I would love to follow you! Even if…


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So it’s been 8 days of laziness…in my opinion.

I mean I’ve been doing a lot of walking but that’s really it. No leg work outs, no weights. And I set a few goals for myself which where successful for a few days but I fell off…my goal was to eat less sugar and I did it for a few days but then I went back to my regular ways ughhh, I shouldn’t get that mad over it because I’ve still been eating right, I haven’t been cheating or anything and as I know with any other new goal, these changes don’t happen over night.

So from today on I’m gonna try my goal again…eat less sugar! Also, I have to get back on track with working out…the good thing is my dad decided he wants to go to this local walk thing we have in my town every day and the whole walk is about 4 miles, or maybe more, Idk but it’ll be a good supplement to my other workouts. Tonight me and my fiance have to get back on track…idk what to start off with though.

The last time I did do a workout it was yoga and a hike and in between then I’ve been doing a lot of walking, so I think I should do arms because they must feel really neglected. After that we can do a leg day…then chest and back…then another yoga.

I also decided on fewer rest days. I usually have two days where I allow myself total relaxation. I’m going to limit myself to one and the other will have some form of activity, whether it’s a small leg or arm workout for 15 minutes accompanied by yoga or a hike or a big walk.

So overall…new goals: eat less sugar and have less rest days

And start doing your workouts again!

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