Weights tonight

So my fiance is starting to work out with me every night and he completely upgraded my lift days…so yeah my arms are going to fall off lol but I am happy to say if he asked me to do half the stuff he asked me to do tonight when I first started this journey, I would have been done after five minutes. So yeah, just very happy about that. šŸ˜†šŸ’Ŗ I did very good tonight.

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Iā€™m pro carbs and anti pants

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So, what posses me to weigh myself when I know I shouldn’t? I’m getting my period soon and I always gain a bunch of water weight at this time so…whyyyyy wouldddd IIIIIII?

The good thing is that it’s still showing that I lost a couple pounds which isn’t huge but hey it’s something and I know if I weigh myself next week it’ll say a few more, wanna know why?

I started this fitness journey and decided I’m only going to weigh myself very sparingly and focus on other progress milestones such as photos or dress sizes which have gone amazingly lately! I started at a size 24/22 and I’m pulling out my size 18s from the back of the closet and they fit! So I lost about 2 dress sizes, no matter what the scale says! My shirts used to be a 3x and forget about even trying to fit into XLs or XXLs well now I can wear both depending on were I’m buying from so yeah. Success? I’d say huge.

I may have decided to weigh myself sparingly but every time I decide to do it, it’s usually at a time were I’m feeling insecure. And I give in to the impulse of just really wanting to know. I really have to change that and make sure I don’t weigh myself until either next Friday or even in 2 weeks depending on when my cycle ends.

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