Another good day

So I extended my workout tonight, went on for another 10 minutes past my regular time! But that’s not even the best part. I did not want to get off the couch beforehand. I was so lazy all day and working out was the farthest thing from my mind, but I got my butt off the couch and exceeded my expectations!

Also lately I have been thinking about how I’ve achieved so much in this journey. So much. Things I never thought I would learn or do. I mean, I always wanted to ‘eat clean’ but I never knew where to start. I didn’t know how to learn about this kind of food! This concept which has basically ruled my life. But I did it. I look in my fridge everyday at all these things that taste great, make me feel great, and are actually supporting my body. I look at the ingredients and I can tell you what they all are and I can tell you how each thing I’m eating is helping me. I know what to do when I have cravings and I know how to let go when I want to let loose.

Also to anyone who has been thinking about doing squats should definitely start. I mean I noticed results within a month and I’d say it’s been three months since I incorporated them into my routine and my butt is definitely poking out, and my thighs have never looked this good. I’ve always liked leg workouts because my legs are one of my favorite attributes but this definitely had to be the best workouts I’ve tried. There are so many different squats you can try, so you can alternate. So yeah, just wanted to include that because like I said above it is my favorite workout and also my butt was probably one of my least favorite parts about me. Was. I always told people I had a shelf but. It pokes out but it’s totally flat. Like a TV lol. Well not anymore! I’ve been wearing leggings lately, which I could never do before, and I feel great, my butt looks nice in them and it looks better in my jeans too. So yeah. Much to celebrate.

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The mind, just like the body, becomes exactly what it is fed. While the body is nourished by healthy food, the mind is nourished by positive thoughts.  Vironika Tugaleva (via motiveweight)

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So my mood has definitely stabalized and I feel closer to normal. I can’t tell you what dragged me down but I can tell you that this is normal for someone like me, to have some bad days, I definitely recognize that and it helps pull me out if those moods when they occur.
I didn’t slip up those days and I’ve been eating great and working harder than ever.
I’ve been feeling pretty good about myself again and I’m very happy about that.

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