Day after/workout changes

So day after cheat day was a success…ate light, did some yoga and a lot of walking because I was a little sick all day from my drinking escapades last night. I think it was A okay.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a leg day and some lifting after that…then who knows lol which brings me to my next point…setting a schedule.

I find myself disorganized with my workout schedule…like I’ll do them enough during the week but I’ll often feel confused on what days I have left or what days I actually did. Also because there isn’t a schedule I find myself either too hesitant to take a rest day or on the other hand taking two or three in a row. So here’s the schedule.

Monday: yoga
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: leg day
Thursday: rest day
Friday: chest/back
Saturday: arms
Sunday: another leg day

So yeah obviously if I feel I need to switch it up then I will, or if I need to have an extra rest day then so be it. The reason rest days are Tues and Thurs is because those are the days I have classes.

Also I was thinking about doing a little yoga every morning or before bed…like a little 15-20 session. It’ll be great.

Also I’ve noticed that I’m a lot more flexible…so many poses I couldn’t do in the beginning I find myself going even deeper now. I found myself going from uncomfortable with the stretch to being satisfied with it…finding a tense relaxation to it…if that even makes sense lol.

So here’s a little post cheat day update and workout update update lol.

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Anniversary cheat day came and went

So yesterday was amazing. First my fiance sent me out to have a spa day with my sister and my friend so he can prepare a big surprise for me at home, I had a huge iced green tea and a tuna salad, then I come home and there’s a dinner for two, a big lobster dinner…a lobster dinner that was prepared very healthy may I add. So obviously everything I did that day wasn’t considered a cheat. Actually I had way less calories than I probably should have lol. I just didn’t know what to expect for my fiance’s dinner lol.

That night…yeah different story. I ordered two orders of salmon skin rolls, chocolate cake, and lots of wine and two frilly drinks. I NEVER do that lol. But fuck it yuhknow? Classes start Thursday and like I said I never do that, when I drink I usually always count it in my calories and I never drink more than one or two wine coolers. I think the last time I drank like this was in March on my 21st birthday.

So yeah. As far as cheat days go. It was a cheat day. Only thing I should have done differently was drink more water. Being better hydrated would have definitely helped me, so for today there’s lots of water on the menu…lots of light eating to because drunk Melissa couldn’t tell when she was full so sober Melissa is paying the price.

I’m also a little stressed because they all want to drink again next weekend…and my friend really wants to drink with me because we never drink together and ughhhhh. One of the reasons I never drink is because I’m allergic to alcohol. I sometimes get like really red, beak out in hives…the whole shabang…and it doesn’t happen after like one drink it’ll happen literally after one sip…so if it happens I know I can’t drink that night. So if I don’t get all red and gross from a sip you better believe I take advantage lmao.

But that’s not the point. The point is drunk cheat day was yesterday and for me, next week seems too soon for another one. What do you think? Ughhsgsggdhdhdjdjekkdllljdhghhhghdj

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Post leg day

Alright so talk about sore lol a lot of
soreness in my legs today today. Plus is got my period, so leg cramps….cramps cramps…just a cluster of cramps lol.

I also woke up to baby sit my nephew… a good thing Nico is being adorable (like every other moment of his life) because he’s brightening my day 😊😄

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raise ur hand if you’re ready to ditch your body and become a sentient cloud of cosmic gas

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Ugh kinda weekend (so far)

So yesterday I started out the beginning of the day being super active and ate great and drank a lot of water…

But the night before I planned to go to my friend’s house with my fiance and his brother…so we drank and ate burger King and I definitely didn’t over eat and I didn’t drink a lot, I maybe drank like two wine coolers and when I added the calories I still stayed within my amount (under counting my workout) and all week my workout has been on point…like my arms are killing me.

Today I didn’t eat bad at all in my opinion (clear headed opinion), but I’m still beating myself up over today and last night and beating myself up over wanting to take a rest day.

I barely got sleep last night because my arms are killing me. Even today my back and my arms are in so much pain and I’m so uncomfortable, I’m so tired that I actually feel stressed like I know I need a rest day…

Ughhh I hate not being sure of myself and not having a lot of confidence. I know I gained more because if this was the old me typing there wouldn’t be any rational thinking just a rain on Melissa parade all the time.

But I know I’ve been doing so good, not only did I come back after not working out after a week and a half but I started a new lifting routine that totally kicks butt and I’ve kept up with my yoga and my legs still look fabulous. And have I mentioned my ass from all the booty workouts I’ve been doing?

But I still have days like this where I can’t throw myself a bone. Like I know I wasn’t bad today and I had a little fun Thursday and I was well hydrated and I didn’t overeat/drink

I wrote this to update everyone but to also show myself to stop being such an ass.

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Strengthen My Soul.